The Best I Have Ever Eaten

"Have only ever had take out from this restaurant, so I can't comment on the service etc that I see others posting....however, the food is extremely delicious and when placing the order over the phone, have been well received.  The Pad Thai is the best I have ever eaten and it has been consistently delicious.  All of the dishes have a distinct flavor, which is nice.  Nothing has tasted too oily, which I have found at other Thai restaurants in the city. I would highly recommend this restaurant."


I Am Looking Forward To Going Back

"This is probably one of the better Thai restaurant in Edmonton. An authentic Thai restaurant with flavors brought to you from Thailand. You can tell that this restaurant have been around for 20 years by the dishes and how the restaurant looks like inside. It was built in the 1990s by looking at the decor. The owners, Supanee, (Thai wife) is the chef and the husband, Allan, is mainly the server. Allan comes off as a very humble and kind man. He's a little slow when it comes to serving us, we just have to be more patient. Also the food is prepared very slowly, because it's made from scratch. It's good to go on a weekday when it's not so busy. They do have more servers on the weekend.
We ordered the toam yum gung soup for 6 people. They kept it under a burner to keep it warm. This soup is very spicy, but at the same time also very tasty. There was lots of veggies, shrimp and spices in this soup.
The rice bowl was a good portion and the rice wasn't too sticky.
We had two kinds of salads. One was a seafood salad, Yam Talay. I didn't really like it, because it had a lot of white onions and I really don't like eating raw white onions! The other one was a beef salad, Yam Nua. The scalded beef was really good. I thought they gave use too much lettuce for this dish.
We obviously had to order the famous Pad Thai dish. I enjoyed the crunchiness of this dish. Rumors has it that this is the best Pad Thai dish in Edmonton! I totally agree.
The plaa radt prigk dish is a crispy fried fish served with spicy sweet sauce. It was very favorable and it left an awesome impression on my tongue!
We tried the panang which is a dish cooked with peanut sauce. It's mild spicy and the sauce is heavily coated into the meat. This dish goes great with my jasmine rice.
Each dish was made with so many unique spices and it was intriguing trying to differentiate them all.
I've also notice that the tables and chairs are handmade rattan wood. They played Thai classical, have figurines and art pieces from Thailand so the customers can learn and embrace the culture.
This restaurant maybe little, but it is definitely cozy.
I am looking forward to going back ,so I can try the rest of the food on the menu. I know that I won't be disappointed!"


Authentic Glory!

"SO here is the deal with the incomparable Ban Thai.  Services is slow and while friendly it is strange that food does seem to appear at random times.  It is for this reason it is not getting 5 stars 😉

Well that is my only flaw in reality.

The food is incredible.  Savoury satays, amazing soups, deliciousness at every turn!  So who cares that they spread out the taste sensations over a period of time.  All the more ability to savour each dish in a nonchalant pace.

I really do feel this is one of the best Thai places around and it is a reason they have been around for so long.  A quaint small room so not for big parties but certainly great for a smaller intimate setting or a special treat for a birthday or anniversary.

Prepare to spend some time and take it all in.  Don't rush a good thing and enjoy the food in all it's authentic glory!"


Every Dish... Amazing.

"I was skeptical at first when I was taken there on a first date several years ago, but I still continue to be impressed by the Ban Thai Restaurant. It is classy, quiet, delicious and authentic.

I can see how the storefront may make someone think twice, but it deserves more than a chance. Its lovely. The inside being outdated just adds to the charm and the wonderful smell of their coconut rice. My favourite dish.

EVERY dish on the menu so far has been amazing. I make it a point to drive to that side of town to eat the food few times a year - its that good. And Im almost 45 minutes away (without rush hour or dinner time traffic).

Go. Now."


The Food Is Just Super!!

"THE most AUTHENTIC Thai Restaurant in Edmonton! The ambiance is great - lighting, mood, music, interior design...everything! And the food -the FOOD (!) is just super!!"


To Die For

"Like many other reviews have said, the service is really slow. I think the owner, who is quite old, does everything. So if you plan to come here, don't be in a rush!

However, the food is delicious!!! I brought my whole family here and every single person enjoyed every single dish. The Tom yum is to die for. The place looks old and worn but the food is totally worth it. My 86 year old grandma still asks if we can eat there again!

If you're in a rush, just order for take out. But you will not regret getting the food!"


I Love This Place!

"The BEST Thai restaurant in Edmonton! I take my husband here for his birthday every year. The portions are great and the food is excellent. If you are going with a large group, be sure to book in advance to avoid a wait. Well worth it. I love this place!"


Simply The Best In Edmonton

"Tastes like it did in Thailand. Most authentic and flavorful...and actually spicy if requested! Simply the best in Edmonton.
Slow service is expected but...worth it, set aside 2 hours of your time to enjoy!"


Ban Thai Is THE  BEST!

"Try it for yourself!. Ban thai has been opened for 20 years as of this December[2012]. I know this as the slow server (which is the owner by the way) told me the first time my bf and I went there. We have now eaten there 15+ times and we will never go anywhere else for thai. Now i have aten thai starting at a young age of about 10, Ive aten it in many different city's and I still think Ban Thai is THE BEST! The reason why service is slower is they literally make everything from scratch the moment you order it! Everything down from the Ice cream to their pad see wee is completly made from scratch. This is a fine establishment and for all you guys hating out there give the guy some credit he is a older man that has been running this little gem for 20 years. They also do have more servers on fri, sat, sun. Ive tried many thai restuarants here in Edmonton but this is actual Authentic Thai. If you want your run of the mill Pad Thai try going to the frozen food isle as you wont find it here. Ban Thai is awesome go there and see for yourself!"


Highly Recommended!

"Great truly authentic Thai cuisine. The courses are spaced out well and you never feel rushed. Plan to be there for at least 1.5 hours and enjoy your night out with truly amazing authentic Thai. Highly recommended!"


Always Delicious - Really Like It

"Always delicious - Really like it. We have enjoyed some really good meals at this place, which I consider to be the 'I was Thai before Thai was cool' restaurant. It seems there is a Thai place on every corner in town now, but such was not always the case. Awesome food, plan to be there a while a 'service is not rushed' as might be the polite way to put it.
I give this place - 8 out of 10."


The Food Is Amazing!

"Great food. I have been here several times and will continue to go as the food is amazing. The first visit seems off as the wait staff are not rushing around when it is busy like most restaurants. They keep a normal pace which allows them to get your order correct every time even when the place is full. They typically have ONE cook and ONE server! The food is worth the wait and it gives you opportunity to catch up with friends and family instead of being rushed out the door. Pad Thai is best here out of all the thai places I have been to."


My Favorite Thai Food In Edmonton

"My favorite Thai food in Edmonton. The dishes are consistently very good. It can be a little slow at times for take out. But, it's fresh, good and friendly service. Definitely worth a try."


We Have Never Been Disappointed.

"One of our favourite places.

Best Thai food in town but there are a few things you should know.

It is family run and a little slow so go for the evening and bring good company as the food may take some time.

They can get a little busy or be completely empty but if to many people all order at once the kitchen cat get very backlogged.

This is still one of our favourite places to go and we have never been disappointed."


Good Thai Food, Family Run Place.

"Good Thai food, family run place. Quiet - great place to meet friends and try something new, plates big enough to share. Once you are inside, it's hard to believe you're at a strip mall in West Edmonton! Lots of vegetarian plates."

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It will leave you wanting more!

"This is the BEST thai food!! When i mean i have tried all in Edmonton I have and by far this is the most authentic you can get! The owners are amazing people and it shows they have put everything into their restaurant. My bf and I have tried almost everything on the menu as we have been there over 10 times and do not leave without getting the Pad See Ew. It will leave you wanting more! Also everything at this place is home made down to their coconut ice cream on the desert menu! As for the person saying its a little unclean I think id sacrifice the dust on the hanging picture of thailand for ddeeeelicious food!"

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Loved the Coconut soup!!

"Had a great dinner here last night. Loved the Coconut soup!!"


Perfect For Sharing

"Delicious food and good size portions, perfect for sharing."



"Delicious. Very authentic tasting. Very fresh ingredients. Does take a long time. Order well in advance."


Amazing place!!!

"Amazing place!!! Very homely!!! We ordered masaman curry and pad thai deliciousss!!!!"


The Most Authentic Thai Food!!

"By far THE most AUTHENTIC Thai food you'll ever enjoy in Edmonton comes from this small, unassuming restaurant. Their Tom Yum is hands down THE best! My family's Favorite is their Green Curry dish - phenomenal! Staff is professional yet friendly, service is prompt. Nice interior, soft lighting, and tasteful decor complete the whole experience."