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Thailand – Land of the Free. Land of Smiles

Thailand is a place of diversity and contrast. Mountainous northern regions of Chaing Mai and the Golden Triangle in the north; sandy beaches of Surat Thani and Phuket in the south. Similar in size to France, Thailand boasts a population of over 68 million people. There are approximately 10 million in the capital city Bangkok.

Although a democratic society, the monarchy is a powerful unifying force of the country. From 1946 to October 2016, King Bhumibol has held the throne making him the worlds longest reigning monarch. The King and His family have contributed greatly to agricultural, health and education development. He was highly revered and a stabilizing figure for the people.

90% of the Thai people are Buddhist. This has helped to create their relaxed, carefree, generous characteristics for which they are known.

The cuisine of Thailand is one of the worlds greatest. Influenced by surrounding Asian countries the Thais have created treasures all their own. Contrasting and complementing flavors correctly is most complex. Tastes within a dish may be balanced with a variety of sensations though one flavor is dominant.

Each dish is freshly prepared for you. Your patience is appreciated.